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The broaching machine, one of the most widespread tools in the field of precision mechanics, is capable of finishing high quality products. This machine is part of the large family of cutting machines, but it has peculiar characteristics. While, for example, the lathe and screw ones use a rotary broaching machine to create workpieces with an axisymmetric shape, broaching machines use linear broaching to perform the cut. This is an absolutely essential tool in the cutting stages of metal components. Laxmi‘s used broaching machines, chosen among the best on the market, do their job as if they were brand new.

A multi-use tool

In metalworking, the cutting process is divided into two phases:

  • broaching, which removes excess material and which can be internal, when it shapes the inner side of the profile, or external, if the external side is processed;
  • smoothing, which takes care of adjusting the surface of the metal piece through a finer processing.

Broaching machines, equipped with a toothed tool, called indeed “broach“, are used in the first of these two stages. These machines, whose origin can be tracked back to the 1850s, have undergone an evolution in terms of use. Depending on the task they perform, our used broaching machines can be divided into three main categories:

A “broach” for every need

As mentioned before, the broaching process can be internal or external. When buying a broaching machine to process the internal parts of a metal piece, it is necessary to make sure you have a ceiling high enough to contain it, as it must be positioned vertically. If, on the other hand, you wish to purchase a used broaching machine for external parts, which must be installed horizontally, it is important to have a suitable floor space. Moreover, it is advisable that this tool is activated by a specialised operator, the only one able to repair, maintain and correctly program the broaching machine in order to carry out high precision machining.

Of course, the most important thing is the quality of the machine, which can only be guaranteed by the best brands. That is why Laxmi offers you only used broaching machines from the best manufacturers, including Fiulm Landriani, Cardinal, Varinelli, Forst, Klink, Loch and Hahndorf.

Broaching machine

Laxmi: the best used broaching machines at your disposal

Laxmi follows with the utmost care the process of selection, revision and renewal of its used broaching machines, which in this way still guarantee many years of use. We will be able to give you any information and solve any doubt about our products. In fact, thanks to our passion, which we have put into practice every day for twenty years now, we will be able to advise you on the machine that best suits your needs.

You can call us without obligation at +91 9896105058 if you call from India or +39 3487338048 for our customer service in Italy. For inquiries about the features and prices of our used machines you can also contact us by filling out the form in the Contact Us section of our website, write us through our online chat or send us an email at In this way you can also be updated on our fleet of machines, which is constantly improving and increasing thanks to the work of our experts. Laxmi will be happy to answer your questions with professionalism, speed and competence, in other words with the qualities that have always have always been our mission.