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Being among the basic pieces of equipment in any company dealing with precision mechanics, lathe machines are simple tools, but not all of them are the same. As part of the turning machines family, this device is used in the main phase of machining metal components. Although lathe machines have the same structure, they do differ in their frame, bed, main spindle, carriage and drive system. Laxmi will be able to guide its clients in the choice of our used lathe machines, which, although different from each other, ensure the same top-notch quality.

Inside the lathe machines

 Used to machine long metal products in rotationally symmetrical components, the lathe machine is able to perform its job thanks to a powerful electrical motor which spins the workpiece several thousand revolutions per minute. The operation performed by this tool, called turning, transforms a cylindrical workpiece into the desired size and shape through a cutting system that removes excess material. A lathe is made up of three essential parts:

frame: it is designed to support the weight of the mechanical components and is structured so that the components can be machined as precisely as possible. The frame of a lathe machine is presented as a single monolithic piece made of cast metal or assembled with solid welds. A well-designed frame made from good quality materials ensures that the lathe machine will hold up well under high pressure and will last for many years of use;

drive system: this part consists of an electric motor and a gearbox. In particular, the gearbox of a lathe machine is fundamental in order to allow high speed and silent rotary movements. Of essential importance are the spindle and tailstock, used to clamp the workpiece. It is precisely these last two elements that those who purchase a used lathe machine must pay particular attention to, as the backlash-free tailstock and high-performance concentricity are essential to guarantee the precision of the machined parts;

tool guidance system: this is a guide along which the tools are fed through a turning spindle. On CNC lathe machines, these tools are guided automatically according to a preconfigured program. Laxmi pays particular attention to this part of the machine, as it must be carefully examined and overhauled as to allow deburring-free machining. It is essential that information on spindle clearance and concentricity is recorded at regular intervals.

Thanks to the attention and passion put in place by our experts, Laxmi is pleased to offer its customers machines that are in perfect working order and can guarantee dozens of years of use.

Our used lathe machines, whether traditional or CNC, are in fact produced by the best brands, including Giuseppe Giana lathe, Graziano SAG lathe, OMG ZANOLETTI lathe,  Tos lathe, Pama lathe, Weiler lathe, Biglia lathe, MCM Giotto lathe, Romi lathe, CMT lathe, COMEV lathe, Travis cnc lathe, EMAG lathe, SCM group lathe, schuette lathe, Mazak lathe, Hurco lathe, Haas lathe, Makino lathe, DMG mori lathe, Mandelli lathe,  Doosan lathe, Okuma lathe, Jyoti India lathe, ACE India lathe,  Bridgeport lathe, Mori Seiki lathe, Kitamura lathe, Hitachi India lathe, Hyundai Wia India lathe, Fanuc lathe, Siemens lathe and Victor Taichung lathe and Audatronix lathe.

Laxmi, a guarantee in providing the best solution

 Thanks to the care with which Laxmi follows the process of selection, revision and renewal of its products, each used lathe machine can be utilized as if it were new. We will be happy to accompany you in choosing the machine that best suits your needs, guided by our passion and twenty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics. In every phase of the sale, we will be able to explain every detail and solve any doubt about our articles, without obligation.

You can write us at the e-mail address, fill in the form in the Contact us section of our website or, alternatively, contact us through our online chat. To find out more about our prices and the features of our used lathe machines you can also call us at +91 9896105058 if you call from India or +39 3487338048 for our customer service in Italy. Whichever way you choose to contact us, Laxmi will be ready to answer you with the speed, professionalism and efficiency that distinguishes us.