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Fundamental in the creation of parts with complex geometries, the horizontal machining centre, also known as HMC, is an evolution of milling machines and drilling machines. Compared to these tools, the machinery we will deal with in this article significantly reduces downtime in machining processes. Laxmi has the best used horizontal machining centres, which, together with vertical ones (VMC), offer a wide range of automated machining operations. The HMCs are particularly used in series production, as they ensure low oscillation and make chip removal from machined components quicker and easier.

Productivity assured

The horizontal machining centre features a spindle mounted parallel to the ground floor and uses rotary cutters, similar to small circular saws, to remove excesses from a workpiece. Thanks to the Computerized Numerical Control (CNC), these machines allow high automation, with the possibility of machining workpieces in succession in a single clamping or using several tools in parallel. In addition to the spindle, the horizontal machining centres are equipped with:

  • axis, between 3 and 5, capable of applying different machining techniques;
  • tool changer, which performs several machining operations in parallel and sets up an automated cutting head switch;
  • tool warehouse, in varying sizes;
  • chip conveyor, to eliminate excess material and speed up production.

Furthermore, an HMC must be evaluated according to other criteria, such as weight, travel length and carrying capacity of the table on which the metal part is machined. Laxmi’s used horizontal machining centres still ensure many years of use, as they are solid tools designed for high frequency work.

Solidity at the service of precision

Often used to process prismatic workpieces and to shape flat surfaces, horizontal machining centres are used in the machining of geometric parts, useful, for example, in the production of motor vehicles. Among the HMCs, the most popular models are the Computerized Numerical Control (CNC) ones, which guarantee a high level of automation and precision in machining the workpiece. We can offer our customers the best CNCs, such as Fanuc, Siemens 840, Num 760 and Fagor just to mention the most common ones.

A high technological standard requires equally high preparation. In order to use horizontal machining centres in a profitable and safe way, in fact, it is necessary that employees are trained to program the machine properly and are able to intervene in case of sudden problems.

Based in Italy and India, Laxmi will be able to advise you on the best used horizontal machining centre for your needs. The quality of our tools is assured by the brands that have produced them, such as  Haas, Makino, Doosan, Bridgeport, Mori Seiki, Kitamura e Victor Taichung.

Laxmi, the best provider of used machines

Based in Italy and India, Laxmi is happy to provide its customers with a quality service in terms of selection, overhaul and renovation of our used horizontal machining centres. The reliability of our tools is guaranteed by twenty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics. We know that our clients are looking for excellence and for this reason we are available to resolve your doubts at every stage of the sale. In fact, our customer service is active to respond to your requests.

You can contact us by writing to us through our online chat, sending us an email to or filling in the form on the Contact Us page of our website. You can also call us at +91 9896105058 if you call from India or +39 3487338048 if you are in Italy. We will not hesitate to provide you with information regarding prices and features of our used machines, without obligation and completely free of charge. Laxmi, motivated by a strong and constant passion, is convinced that all your doubts must be resolved by the competence, speed and efficiency that distinguish us.