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 Together with the hydraulic and the pneumatic ones, mechanical presses are indispensable for any company that needs producing stamped components. By forming, trimming, drawing, blanking or piercing operations, the metal workpiece is machined to the desired shape. In particular, the mechanical press is suitable for moulding and forming small and medium-sized parts. In fact, this tool works with high cycle rates and millimetre accuracy but offers less press force. Laxmi makes used mechanical presses with different characteristics available to its customers, in order to satisfy all your needs.

A simple, affordable and efficient tool

The working principle of mechanical presses is very simple: the workpiece, placed between two halves of a pressing tool called die, is shaped by the meeting between the upper and lower part of the machine. Of course, the most important component is the pressing tool, which, unlike lever presses, is put into action by a power source.

Mechanical presses can be divided into five main categories:

  • crank presses: they use a crank link joined to a drive shaft, which, rotating together, move back and forth a connecting rod activating the ram;
  • knuckle joint presses: through a high-power engine and a powerful linkage design, these tools are able to deliver an enormous pressure force;
  • eccentric presses: they use a motor that activates a round eccentric shaft. This shaft changes position keeping the center of the drive stable except the overall center;
  • rack and pinion presses: the motor energy is delivered by a gear connected to the drive shaft. A rotating gear, called pinion, runs along the rack providing force to the ram;
  • screw presses: a large screw is turned by the motor. The force is translated to the drive shaft from the screw’s head by a friction disk.

Laxmi will be able to advise you on the mechanical press used that best suits your working needs.

 A machine for everyone

As mentioned above, the mechanical press can reach very high cycle speeds, allowing continuous production without requiring the use of particularly specialised personnel. Moreover, production processes can be facilitated by optional instrumentation and tools, such as mechanical lifters for heavier workpieces. Finally, the latest generation mechanical presses are equipped with protective screens and devices that allow the mould to be closed, so that the punch works safely away from the operator’s hands.

Laxmi can offer the most reliable used mechanical presses on the market. They are as efficient as new and are produced by the best brands, including WMV Erfurt, Manzoni Group, Fischer, Fagor, Godrej, Ameteep, Aida, Breda, Smeral and Amada.

Laxmi: the best press with no stress

Thanks to twenty years of experience in the field of precision mechanics, Laxmi performs top-level selection, overhaul and renewal of the mechanical presses on sale. Our experts will put at your disposal the best used machines, able to guarantee many years of use. Knowing that our customers are looking for top tier products, we provide all our expertise remove any doubts you may have at every stage of your purchasing decision making.

You can contact us without obligation by sending us an e-mail to, by writing to us through our online chat or by filling out the appropriate form in the Contact Us section of our website. You can also call us at +91 9896105058 if you call from India or +39 3487338048 if you are in Italy. We will not hesitate to provide you with all the information you may need regarding prices and features of our used mechanical presses. Laxmi is happy to be able to serve its customers with strong and growing passion, as we are convinced that professionalism, competence and speed must always come first.