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Those involved in precision mechanics know that bevel gears, used to transmit angular rotary movements, have many applications in a large number of mechanisms found in products such as automobiles, locomotives, marine equipment and printing presses. It is therefore essential for a company wanting to extend its range of action to equip itself with a machine that produces them: the bevel gear generators. Intersecting most of the time shaft gears, the bevel gears, being always in rolling contact, have an extraordinary efficiency, generally 98-99%. Laxmi is aware of this and therefore offers its customers two essential machine models, namely the straight bevel gear generators and the spiral bevel gear generators.

A mass-production machine

As we said, we can find bevel gears in many different contexts, including hand drills, differential drives, bevel gear planers and rotorcraft drive systems. Since they are variations of gear wheels, they are used to transfer speed, power and momentum across an angle and are typically made of steel, cast iron, nylon or plastic. These components are produced by bevel gear generators, consisting of a milling unit and another suction unit. As the machined materials are subjected to high temperature stresses, these tools require the use of a cooling lubricant. Finally, especially the CNC straight bevel gear generators and CNC spiral gear generators are designed to be operated by non-specialised personnel.

Straight vs bevel gear generators: better to have both!

The bevel gears can be of three types: straight, spiral and “zerol”, the latter with intermediate features. The first two varieties are the most common ones and in order to produce them you will need two specialized machines:

  • straight bevel gear generators (CNC or traditional): this tool creates the simplest, conically shaped bevel gears with its teeth directed towards the apex of the cone. Unlike spiral ones, they do not produce thrust in the minus direction. Straight bevel gear generators produce two models of these components, namely the non-profile shifted type, also called standard or Klingelnberg, and the profile shifted one, also known as Gleason type. Straight bevel gears are used to transmit reduced forces and in low speed applications (under 2m/s circumferential speed);
  • spiral bevel gear generators (CNC or traditional): they produce bevel gears with spiral curved teeth. They differ from the previous model in that these teeth come into contact gradually and regularly. Although the Klingelnberg type is well established in Germany, the Gleason one is the most widely used kind. Similar to the spiral ones are the hypoid gears, with hyperbolic pitch surfaces. Spiral bevel gear generators create very resistant gears that can work at very high speeds (more than 10m/s), as they can grind the teeth after heat treatment.

Laxmi offers its customers used bevel gear generators of the best brands, including WMW Modul, Klingenberg, Oerlikon, FIAT, ZFTK and, of course, Gleason. The latter manufacturer is also very renowned for the hypoid gear lapper, notably the Gleason Lapper 503 and the Gleason Lapper 506, as well as many other models.

Laxmi, a guarantee in providing you with the best bevel gear generators

Guided by our twenty years of experience in the world of precision mechanics, Laxmi will be happy to help you choose the used bevel gear generator that best suits your work needs. Our instruments, selected, overhauled and renewed with extreme care by our experts, still guarantee many years of use.

We provide assistance at every stage of the sale process, presenting you with all the information you’ll need regarding prices and characteristics of our used machines. You can call us without obligation at +91 9896105058 for our customer service in India or at +39 3487338048 for assistance from Italy. Alternatively, you can write us by filling out the appropriate form in the Contact Us section of our website, using our online chat or by sending us an e-mail to In any case, Laxmi will be ready to solve all your doubts with the professionalism, speed and efficiency that distinguish us.

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