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The creation of machine tools originally sprung from the first creators’ desire to replace human labour with robots. Thanks to enormous advances in technology this is now possible – albeit not for all – for most machining operations. Indeed, today’s industrial robots replicate human movements with extreme efficiency and rationalization, allowing a great degree of optimization of production processes. The use of these machines has many benefits, such as a big reduction in working time, significant cost savings and a clear improvement in the quality of finished products. Laxmi, which is aware of this, puts at your disposal the best used industrial robots on the market.

Different robots for different needs

Introduced in Germany in 1973, industrial robots initially dealt with those processing phases that were considered to be too stressful or dangerous for workers. Over time these machines have been used for increasingly diversified operations, reaching levels of speed and precision that cannot be replicated by human labour. At present, industrial robots allow a very high level of automation, so much so that some products can be created from raw materials without human intervention. One of the fields where these machines have proven to be especially successful is the automotive industry.

Since industrial machining requires a large number of capacities, robots are of various kinds and perform a wide variety of tasks, including the following:

  • welding;
  • assembly and handling;
  • loading and unloading machines;
  • painting;
  • assembly and gluing;
  • deburring and contouring;
  • computer vision applications.

Excellent performance is also guaranteed by used industrial robots, as these tools are built with solid materials and cutting-edge technology.

A complex machine

There are many different models of industrial robots, subdivided according to the functions they perform and the capacities they can withstand. All these variants are characterized by very high mobility, as they must reproduce human movements as faithfully as possible. However, there are several structural features that all industrial robots have in common:

  • a frame, which protects the most sensitive machine components;
  • the arm (also called bucket), which is the mobile and operational part of the robot;
  • the servomotors, in variable numbers, with safety brakes and absolute resolvers;
  • a controller, equipped with an operating system and capable of managing multiple axes in the same cabinet.

There are also several additional options available for industrial robots. Closed circuit chillers, internal PCs for vision system and CAD interfaces are additional features that can be chosen at the time of purchase.

Laxmi offers used industrial robots from leading brands, including RRRobotica, Fanuc, Epson, Kuka, Trumpf, Stäubli, Tm Robotics, Kawasaki and Comau Robotics.

Industrial robot in action

Laxmi, used machines just like new ones

Laxmi, which for twenty years now has been constantly pursuing excellence, will accompany you in the choice of the industrial robot most suitable for your needs by providing you with personalized assistance. Our used machines guarantee many years of use, as they have been chosen, maintained and renewed by our experts. The tool you choose, therefore, will assure the same results as a new one.

Moreover, if you want more detailed informations about prices and features of our used robot machines, you can do it in several ways: by calling us at +91 9896105058 if you are located in India or +39 3487338048 if you are in Italy. Alternatively, you can write us through our online chat, fill out the form in the Contact Us section of our website or send us an e-mail at In any case we will be happy to solve all your doubts without any commitment with the speed, competence and professionalism that have always distinguished Laxmi. We are convinced, in fact, that your satisfaction is first of all your own.

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