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For every company dealing with precision mechanics, one essential tool, to say the least, that cannot be missing is the drilling machine. This machine, in fact, performs one of the most widespread machining operations, indispensable in most machining processes. Laxmi makes the best used drilling machines available to its customers, be it column or deep hole, gun and radial, or light finishing tools known as boring machines. Such a wide array of products is the result of the in-depth search for the best opportunities offered by the market, always with quality and long-term reliability as the primary objective.

A simple and precise machine

Essential for cutting holes through or into a wide range of materials, especially metals and wood, the drilling machine comes in different shapes and sizes. Although it may seem like a simple operation, one that has been carried out since ancient times, it requires a special rotary force and other technical devices to be precise. For this reason, the round-shaped blind or through holes – more rarely non-cylindrical – must be obtained using a drilling machine of sure effectiveness. The drilling tool, held by a morse or a chuck, rotates ad different speeds according to the tasks they have to perform. Indeed the used drilling machines offered by Laxmi can process components in different ways:

  • drilling, the most common method;
  • countersinking, which allows an element such as a bolt or screw to remain flush under or with the surface of the surrounding material;
  • reaming, to slightly widen the holes;
  • boring and counterboring, to make more consistent corrections;
  • tapping, for cutting a thread inside a hole.

A drilling machine for every need

Laxmi, always attentive to market demands, offers a range of used drilling machines that is constantly updated. This type of instrument, while performing a simple operation, has different characteristics from time to time, modulated according to the type of piece they are to process. The drilling machines that Laxmi can offer are divided into the following categories:

  • column drilling machine: this is the most traditional and widespread type, which can also be used for milling and tapping operations;
  • deep hole drilling machine (also available in twin spindle version): ideal for consistently enlarging holes, increasing their diameter dozens of times;
  • gun drilling machine (twin spindle type is at disposal): used for creating deep holes, this machine has a fluted drill capable of injecting a cutting fluid, liquid or compressed air, to lubricate and cool the cutting edges as well as to remove machining waste
  • horizontal boring machine: essential for boring more accurate holes in a horizontal direction;
  • radial drilling machine: used for machining large and heavy components, it has a drill head that can be adjusted in radial alignment and height.

Laxmi used machines are provided by the best manufacturers in the world of precision mechanics, including:

  • Mecof deep hole drilling,
  • Ventura deep hole drilling,
  • Joannes deep hole drilling,
  • Utita deep hole drilling,
  • San Rocco deep hole drilling,
  • SASS atrema deep hole drilling,
  • IMSA deep hole drilling,
  • HTT USA deep hole drilling,
  • TACCHI deep hole drilling,
  • TIBO deep hole drilling,
  • PRECIHOLE machine tool deep hole drilling,
  • Sigma Vertical deep hole drilling,
  • Daewoo deep hole drilling,
  • Chen Ho deep hole drilling,
  • Okuma deep hole drilling,
  • Puma Vertical machining center,
  • Doosan deep hole drilling,
  • Traub,
  • Mazak deep hole drilling, 
  • Famup deep hole drilling, 
  • Giuseppe Giana deep hole drilling,
  • Graziano SAG deep hole drilling,
  • OMG ZANOLETTI deep hole drilling,  
  • Tos lathe,
  • Pama lathe,
  • Weiler lathe,
  • Biglia lathe,
  • MCM Giotto Vertical machining center,
  • Romi Vertical machining center,
  • CMT lathe,
  • COMEV lathe,
  • Travis cnc deep hole drilling,
  • EMAG deep hole drilling,
  • SCM group deep hole drilling,
  • schuette deep hole drilling,
  • Mazak deep hole drilling,
  • Hurco deep hole drilling,
  • Haas deep hole drilling,
  • Makino deep hole drilling,
  • DMG mori deep hole drilling,
  • Mandelli deep hole drilling,  
  • Doosan deep hole drilling,
  • Okuma deep hole drilling,
  • Jyoti India deep hole drilling,
  • ACE India deep hole drilling,  
  • Bridgeport deep hole drilling,
  • Mori Seiki deep hole drilling,
  • Kitamura deep hole drilling,
  • Hitachi India deep hole drilling,
  • Hyundai Wia India deep hole drilling,
  • Fanuc deep hole drilling,
  • Siemens deep hole drilling,
  • Victor Taichung deep hole drilling,
  • Audatronix deep hole drilling.

Drilling machine

The most reliable drilling machines on the market

Laxmi’s twenty years of experience, which have led to the constant increase in knowledge and a growing care for its customers, will accompany you in the selection of the best drilling machine. Thanks to accurate overhaul, maintenance and renewal operations, our used machines ensure the same level of operation as new. Not only that: Laxmi’s drilling machines still guarantee many years of use, as they come from the best companies in the field.

If you would like more information about prices and characteristics of our products, you can contact us without obligation. In fact, our online chat is always active or, if you prefer, just write us at or by filling out the appropriate form in the Contact us section of our website. You can, of course, also call +39 3487338048 (Italy) or +91 9896105058 (India). In any case, Laxmi will be happy to help you with the passion, competence, and professionalism that we have always put at our clients’ disposal.