Precision mechanics requires every company to use a large fleet of machinery, but few are as fundamental and varied as gear machines. Aware of this, Laxmi in its twenty years of existence has refined the research and revision techniques of used gear machines. These machines, which are part of the so-called “finishing” ones, are essential in the creation of gears through grinding, shaping, hobbing and shaving processes. The solidity of our used gear machines is guaranteed not only by our care in the selection of our products, but also and above all by the quality of the manufacturers of the tools that we put at your disposal.

Finishing in the best possible way

Born in 1887, gear machines have immediately revealed their potential, which over time has expanded and improved. Indeed, these tools are used in the production of gear racks and gear wheels, especially employed as input feeds or transmissions and that are necessary, in particular, in the automotive industry. Our used gear machines can also process other components, including external teeth, crown wheels, bevel, spur and helical gears. Ultimately, they can perfect a large number of parts for an equally large variety of uses. Of course, the most modern gear machines are available in their numerically controlled variants (CNC), but manual control models also ensure maximum machining precision. Laxmi will be happy to show you every feature of the used gear machines in our catalogue, which we will now briefly list.

A clever machine for every need

As we said, the parts that a gear machine can process are of various nature and intended for different uses. For each of its applications, this tool takes different names and features. In the Products section of our website you can find the following categories of used gear machines:

gear grinding machine (traditional or CNC): using a high speed grinding wheel, it grinds the surface of the teeth;
gear hobbing machine (traditional or CNC): this machine uses a multiple-tooth cutting tool (the hob) to work continously many types of gears;
gear hob sharpening machine: ideal for sharpening edges of helical and straight hobs in addition to helical shaper cutters;
gear shaping machine (traditional or CNC): using a rotational and continuous cutting same-plane, it allows convenient and versatile machining;
gear shaving machine (traditional or CNC): it removes small amounts of excess metal from the surface of the gears;
gear testing machine: this machine is used to inspect external and internal gears and splines.

Laxmi’s used gear machines stand out for their durability, guaranteed by the quality of the manufacturers, including Pfauter, Liebherr, Cima, Reishauer, Hurth, Lorenz, WMW, Maag and Tos.

Used gear machines: they are trustworthy!

Laxmi, thanks to its twenty years of experience in the field, will be able to offer you the most suitable choice for your needs. We know our used gear machines to perfection because, after selecting them, we have overhauled and renewed them to ensure decades of use. Moreover, we do not limit ourselves to providing you with the best used gear machines, but we accompany our customers in every phase of the sales process. In fact, you can contact us without obligation to resolve any doubts about our machines. We will be happy to help you through our dedicated telephone numbers, that is +39 3487338048 if you call from Italy or +91 9896105058 if you contact us from India. Alternatively, you have the possibility to ask us questions about the features and prices of our used gear machines using our online chat, by filling out the form in the website section Contact us or by writing at info@laxmiusedmachines.com. Laxmi is pleased to offer its professionalism and competence in every possible way, because your satisfaction is ours.

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