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The vertical machining centre, also known as VMC, is an increasingly popular and indispensable tool for precision engineering companies and the result of continuously improved technology. Efficient and suitable for a variety of needs, as well as being useful for its automation potential, this machine differs from the horizontal machining centre (HMC) in its spindle position. In fact, both of them hold milling cutters in the spindle, but in the vertical machining centre the spindle axes are oriented vertically, while in the HMC horizontally.

In addition, VMC machines are generally cheaper than HMC tools, making them more attractive for small businesses. Laxmi has the best used vertical machining centres available, which have been thoroughly overhauled and refurbished, and whose features we will now illustrate.

A special milling machine

As already mentioned, VMC machines, using a spindle rotation on a vertical axis, are mainly used to cut metal parts and are enclosed. Vertical machining centres allow a high degree of automation, as they are regulated by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) controller. This tool, being automated, significantly reduces the probability of human error, improving the precision and speed of cutting processes.

In vertical machining centres, the metal components being machined are locked in a mobile panel, capable of moving in every direction. It is this panel that handles movement on the X and Y axes, while the high-speed spindle moves on the Z axis. This spindle, with its high durability and sturdiness, reduces wear to a minimum thanks to the rationalization of movements ensured by the CNC control. In this way, machining is made very accurately and fast, also guaranteeing the performance of burr-free cutting even after several years of operation. The vertical machining centre is a recommended tool for relatively simple part creation. When more complex machining operations are required, the purchase of a horizontal machining centre is recommended.

Only the best quality for our costumers

A vertical machining centre requires a good level of expertise. It is essential that the operators of a VMC are always certified and know how to maintain and keep this tool clean to ensure optimum performance. Therefore, in-depth expertise in the programming of a CNC controller is essential, particularly when fast intervention is required to resolve emergency situations.

The frequency of such extraordinary circumstances is very limited in Laxmi’s used vertical machining centres, as our experts review every detail of the products we select. In addition, the VMC machines we offer our customers are products from the best brands in the precision engineering field, such as

  • Sigma Vertical machining center,
  • Daewoo Vertical machining center,
  • Chen Ho Vertical machining center,
  • Okuma Vertical machining center,
  • Puma Vertical machining center,
  • Doosan Vertical machining center,
  • Traub,
  • Mazak Vertical machining center,
  • Famup Vertical machining center 
  • Giuseppe Giana Vertical machining center,
  • Graziano SAG Vertical machining center,
  • OMG ZANOLETTI lathe,  
  • Tos lathe,
  • Pama lathe,
  • Weiler lathe,
  • Biglia lathe,
  • MCM Giotto Vertical machining center,
  • Romi Vertical machining center,
  • CMT lathe, COMEV lathe,
  • Travis cnc Vertical machining center,
  • EMAG Vertical machining center,
  • SCM group Vertical machining center,
  • schuette Vertical machining center, 
  • Mazak Vertical machining center,
  • Hurco Vertical machining center,
  • Haas Vertical machining center,
  • Makino Vertical machining center,
  • DMG Vertical machining center,
  • Mandelli Vertical machining center,  
  • Doosan Vertical machining center,
  • Okuma Vertical machining center,
  • Jyoti India Vertical machining center,
  • ACE India Vertical machining center,  
  • Bridgeport Vertical machining center,
  • Mori Seiki Vertical machining center,
  • Kitamura Vertical machining center,
  • Hitachi India Vertical machining center,
  • Hyundai Wia India Vertical machining center,
  • Fanuc Vertical machining center,
  • Siemens Vertical machining center,
  • Victor Taichung Vertical machining center,
  • Audatronix Vertical machining center.

Vertical machining centre

Laxmi: maximum reliability

Guided by the passion and experience gained in its twenty years of experience, Laxmi is proud to be able to offer you the best used vertical machining centres on the market. Every step of the process of the selection, revision and renewal of our tools is followed with extreme care to present you with a product equal to a new one. Not only that: to be as close as possible to your needs we have further improved our customer service.

You can contact us by phone at +91 9896105058 if you call from India, or +39 3487338048 if you are in Italy. Alternatively, you can write us through our online chat, filling in the form in the Contact us section of our website or sending us an email at We will be happy to answer without obligation to any of your questions regarding the features and prices of our used machines. Laxmi, convinced that satisfaction should be first and foremost yours, will not hesitate to give you feedback that will solve all your doubts with efficiency, competence and professionalism.