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In the context of precision mechanics, milling machines undoubtedly represent some of the most widely used machinery. This intense frequency of use has, over time, favoured a constant diversification of this industrial tool, creating a very wide variety of machines, from universal milling machines to key-way type, through rack cutting milling and bed milling – just to name a few. Laxmi is able to supply its customers with used milling machines capable of processing any material, guaranteeing exceptional durability and effectiveness thanks to the quality of the brands of our machines and the careful overhaul they undergo by our experts before they are sold.

Constant innovation

Since this type of instrument is so widespread, milling machines have undergone many improvements and diversifications since their invention in 1818. Despite such an intense and constant innovation, however, milling machines a relatively simple tool. They consist indeed in two main parts, namely the machine body and the milling head, but they can have various features that diversify a kind of milling machine from the other:

  • control type: traditional manual or CNC control;
  • machine body: e.g. bed or console design;
  • application: low, medium or high-speed milling;
  • spindle position: vertical or horizontal;
  • machinable material: wood, metal or plastic.

For example, a CNC milling machine offers a display to keep every operation under control, while a bed body allows machining on larger and heavier materials. In any case, Laxmi will be able to advise you on the best product for your needs.

Many variations, many uses

We have seen the characteristics for which the milling machines stand out: now we will focus on the machines that Laxmi can provide. In our Products page you will find all the used machines ready for sale, already overhauled and maintained, divided into categories:

  • CNC milling machines: designed for the autonomous management of machining processes, they can have different machining bodies;
  • column milling machine: characterized by a bed-design where the column moves horizontally and allows to work very heavy components;
  • bed milling machine: the sturdiness of the body prevents the machined parts from tipping over;
  • key-way milling machine: essential for processing keys, fundamental parts in mechanical transmission;
  • rack cutting milling machine: these machines are used to cut racks, employed for transforming a rotary motion into a linear motion;
  • thread milling machine: together with worm milling, it is a tool capable of simultaneous movements on all axes;
  • universal milling machine: these machines have both horizontal and vertical spindle, allowing you to use it in the direction you want.

Laxmi’s used milling machines are products of the best brands in the trade, including:

  • Joannes Milling machine,
  • Boley Milling machine,
  • Sachman Milling machine,
  • WMW Wanderer Milling machine
  • Ezio Pensotti Milling machine,
  • SERRMAC Milling machine,
  • IM Milling machine,
  • SUPER CONDOR Milling machine,
  • FAMUP Milling machine,
  • FRITZ WERNER Milling machine,
  • SAIMP Milling machine,
  • ITAMA Milling machine,
  • ZAYER Milling machine,
  • RIGIVA Milling machine,
  • ANAYAK Milling machine,
  • Sigma Milling machine,
  • Daewoo Milling machine,
  • Chen Ho Milling machine,
  • Okuma Milling machine,
  • Puma Milling machine,
  • Doosan Milling machine,
  • Traub Milling machine,
  • Mazak Milling machine, 
  • Famup Milling machine, 
  • Giuseppe Giana Milling machine,
  • Graziano SAG Milling machine,
  • OMG ZANOLETTI lathe,  
  • Tos Milling machine,
  • Pama Milling machine,
  • Weiler Milling machine,
  • Biglia Milling machine,
  • MCM Giotto Milling machine,
  • Romi Milling machine,
  • CMT Milling machine,
  • COMEV Milling machine,
  • Travis cnc Milling machine,
  • EMAG Milling machine,
  • SCM group Milling machine,
  • schuette Milling machine,
  •  Mazak Milling machine,
  • Hurco Milling machine,
  • Haas Milling machine,
  • Makino Milling machine,
  • DMG Milling machine,
  • Mandelli Milling machine,  
  • Doosan Milling machine,
  • Okuma Milling machine,
  • Jyoti India Milling machine,
  • ACE India Milling machine,
  •  Bridgeport Milling machine,
  • Mori Seiki Milling machine,
  • Kitamura Milling machine,
  • Hitachi India Milling machine,
  • Hyundai Wia India Milling machine,
  • Fanuc Milling machine,
  • Siemens Milling machine,
  • Victor Taichung Milling machine,
  • Audatronix Milling machine.

Used milling machines: never ending quality

Choosing to buy a used milling machine will prove to be the most convenient decision for you. In fact, even after several years of use, these machines have a long life ahead of them, if they are overhauled and refurbished with care. This is exactly what Laxmi, moved by solid passion, ensures. In addition, we offer our customers all the support they need to find the right milling machine for their individual needs.

You can get answers to all your questions about prices and the features of our products quickly and without obligation through our online chat, by writing to or by filling out the appropriate form in the Contact us section of our website. If, however, you prefer to contact us by phone, you can do so at +91 9896105058 (India) or +39 3487338048 (Italy). In any case Laxmi will be happy to guide you in the choice of our used milling machines, carefully renewed and ready to use.