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One of the machines that cannot be missing from a company that deals with precision mechanics is the grinding machine. Over the course of twenty years of experience, Laxmi has handled hundreds of machines of this kind. They are fundamental in the most diverse stages of processing components such as threads and gears. From cylindrical to surface grinders, passing through external and internal grinders, we deal with the selection, maintenance and resale of any kind of grinding machine: for this reason, we have decided to deepen the description of our machine pool.

Smoothing and refining makes perfect

Used since ancient times, the grinding machine is employed in particular in the final stages of production, as it is responsible for the removal of imperfections through a grinding head smoothing process. This process is useful in order to achieve various objectives, such as the finishing of the workpiece, the removal of any irregularities on the surface and the attainment of the right size of the treated component.

In fact, in precision mechanics it is necessary that measurements are accurate to the millimetre; for this reason, it is essential to have a grinding machine, the only tool capable of ensuring such accuracy. Laxmi can offer its customers used machines of absolute reliability in both traditional and numerical control (CNC) versions, without ever renouncing either quality or durability.

The right model for you

The types of grinding machines that we can put at your disposal meet the most diverse needs of our customers. In the Products section of our website you can find the following categories, where you can carefully evaluate our offer:

  • centreless grinding machine: it is mainly used in operations where many components have to be processed in a short span of time;
  • cylindrical grinding machine: it is designed to perform external machining on parts that have a central axis of rotation;
  • external grinding machine: among the most common machines, it is essential for grinding the external parts of the components;
  • gear grinding machine (traditional or CNC): it is used to finish gear parts with extreme precision, especially used in the automotive industry;
  • internal grinding machine: suitable for machining cylindrical profiles, it is useful for finishing internal surfaces of holes and bores;
  • surface grinding machine: suitable for flat surfaces, it is fundamental to obtain a smooth finish on them;
  • thread grinding machine: matching the shape of the thread, the routes of this machine are perfect for finishing even the hardest materials;
  • tool and cutter grinding machine: it is a very versatile tool, which is used to process even complex shaped components.

The used grinding machines proposed by Laxmi are products of leading brands in the field, among which:

  • Pfauter india,
  • Reishauer india,
  • Fortuna india,
  • F.lli Zanetti india,
  • Joannes india,
  • Boley india,
  • Sachman india,
  • WMW Wanderer india,
  • Ezio Pensotti india,
  • SERRMAC india,
  • IM india,
  • SUPER CONDOR india,
  • FAMUP india,
  • FRITZ WERNER india,
  • SAIMP india,
  • ITAMA india,
  • ZAYER india,
  • RIGIVA india,
  • ANAYAK india,
  • Sigmindia,
  • Daewoo Milling india,
  • Chen Ho india,
  • Okuma india,
  • Puma india,
  • Doosan india,
  • Traub india,
  • Mazak india, 
  • Famup india,
  •  Giuseppe Giana india,
  • Graziano SAG india,
  • OMG ZANOLETTI india,  
  • Tos india,
  • Pama india,
  • Weiler india,
  • Biglia india,
  • MCM Giotto india,
  • Romi india,
  • CMT india,
  • COMEV india,
  • Travis cnc india,
  • EMAG india,
  • SCM group india,
  • Schuette india,
  •  Mazak india,
  • Hurco india,
  • Haas india,
  • Makino india,
  • DMG india,
  • Mandelli india,  
  • Doosan india,
  • Okuma india,
  • Jyoti india,
  • ACE india,  
  • Bridgeport india,
  • Mori Seiki india, 
  • Kitamura india,
  • Hitachi india,
  • Hyundai Wia india,
  • Fanuc india,
  • Siemens india,
  • Victor Taichung india,
  • Audatronix india,
  • FAVRETTO india,
  • STUDER india,
  • KENTe india,
  • TONALI india,
  • LIZZINI india,
  • ORT india,
  • ZOCCA india,
  • NOVA e india,
  • JONES-SHIPMAN india.

used gear machine

Used grinding machine: the best choice to make

Laxmi is convinced that buying a used grinding machine is the best decision for our customers. With the passion that distinguishes us, in fact, we select and overhaul every machine with extreme care, so that we can offer you reliable grinding machines that will guarantee many years of use: every customer will find the most suitable tool for their working needs.

If you need information about our prices and the features of our products, Laxmi will be more than happy to answer your questions, without obligation and at no additional cost, so that you will be able to choose the most suitable option for your needs. You can reach us in four different ways: through our online chat; by filling in the appropriate form in the Contact us section of our website; by writing an email to; by calling +91 9896105058 (India) or +39 3487338048 (Italy). Whenever you want to contact us, Laxmi will be ready to help you.