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Gear hobbing machines a truly versatile machine

Laxmi, a company that has been on the market for over 20 years, can provide exceptional expertise in the process of selecting and selling used gear cutting machines, purchased exclusively by Italian companies. This type of machine is particularly versatile, proving to be essential in mechanical engineering, as well as automotive, agricultural and plant construction. You can employ our used gear hobbing machines in the first stages of gear wheel production – i.e. milling – without fearing that past usage might have reduced their effectiveness.

Our motto: flexibility

We have numerical control (NC) and computerized numerical control (CNC) machines with 6 and 7 axes that ensure the precise cutting of straight, external or helical gears by performing every operation to the highest degree possible of precision. The used gear hobbing machines supplied by Laxmi are also able to create lateral toothing gears through a single, uninterrupted machining process. This is machinery that makes flexibility its strongest selling point, as it can handle parts as small as only a few centimeters with the same accuracy with which it can carve gear wheels with a diameter of several meters.

Top quality

Laxmi offers its customers a constantly updated range of used gear hobbing machines. Such a wide inventory of equipment is characterized by the presence of the most renowned brands. These manufacturers ensure first-class efficiency and, above all, durability that will allow the machine to perform for several decades after your purchase. Among the most well-known producers of used gear hobbing machines, there is a few brands that are worth mentioning:

  • Pfauter, the company that has been promoting the spread of this machine since 1865;
  • Cima;
  • Liebherr;
  • Lorenz;
  • Hurt.

And of course we can provide you also other used machines brand like:

  • Liebherr CNC gear hobbing machine,
  • Cima  CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Hurth CNC gear hobbing machine,
  • Lorenz CNC gear hobbing machine,
  • WMW modul CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Maag CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Tos CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Kapp Niles CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Klingelnberg CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Bourn & Koch inc. gear hobbing machine India,
  • EMAG gear hobbing machine India,
  • Gleason CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Mitsubishi Heavy Industries gear hobbing machine India,
  • Samputensili gear hobbing machine India,
  • MAZAK CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Gleason-Pfauter CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Mikron-CIMA CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Gleason-Hurth CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Hofler CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • Barber-Colman CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • CLC India,
  • Churchill RED RING India,
  • Pfauter CNC India,
  • Reishauer CNC India, 
  • F.lli Zanetti India,
  • Joannes India,
  • Boley India,
  • Sachman India,
  • WMW Wanderer CNC India,
  • Ezio Pensotti CNC India,
  • SERRMAC India,
  • IM India,
  • FAMUP CNC India,
  • SAIMP India,
  • ITAMA India,
  • ZAYER  India,
  • RIGIVA India,
  • Sigma India,
  • Daewoo India,
  • Chen Ho grinding machine india,
  • Okuma India,
  • Puma grinding machine india,
  • Doosan India,
  • Traub India,
  • Mazak India,
  •  Famup India, 
  • Giuseppe Giana India,
  • Graziano SAG India,
  • OMG ZANOLETTI India,  
  • Tos FO India,
  • Pama India,
  • Weiler India,
  • Biglia India,
  • MCM Giotto India,
  • Romi India,
  • COMEV India,
  • Travis cnc India,
  • EMAG India,
  • SCM group grinding machine india,
  • Schuette India,
  • Hurco India,
  • Haas India,
  • Makino India,
  • DMG mori India,
  • Mandelli India,  
  • Jyoti CNC e India,
  • ACE CNC India,
  • Hitachi cnc India,
  • Hyundai Wia CNC grinding machine india,
  • Fanuc CNC India,
  • Siemens CNC India,
  • Victor Taichung CNC India,
  • Audatronix CNC gear hobbing machine India,
  • ROSA ERMANDO grinding machine India,
  • FAVRETTO CNC grinding machine india,
  • STUDER CNC grinding machine india,
  • KENT CNC grinding machine india,
  • TONALE CNC grinding machine india,
  • LIZZINI CNC grinding machine india,
  • ORT CNC grinding machine india,
  • ZOCCA CNC grinding machine india,
  • NOVA CNC grinding machine india,
  • JONES-SHIPMAN CNC grinding machine india.

Gear hobbing machine

Close to our clients

When selling our equipment as well as our used gear hobbing machines, we are happy to offer the utmost attention to our customer’s needs. Laxmi, which has also recently started retailing, offers overhaul and demonstration services before finalizing a sale. Used gear hobbing machines are indeed returned to their best condition and only then offered to customers. We strongly believe that our success fully depends on the success of those who buy our machines, which we select and present with sincere and devoted passion.