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Gear shaping is a highly efficient process used in the manufacturing of internal and external gears. It is an essential step in the production of gears that are used in various industries, including automotive gears, poultry gears, mining gears, printing gears and industrial gear machinery. In this article, we will discuss gear shaping in detail, including its working principle, gear manufacturing process, and benefits and we will show you some of the machines that LAXMI METAL AND MACHINES Italy and India can provide.

Gear shaping

Gear shaping is a process in which a cutter is used to give a desired shape to a gear and that involves the use of a gear shaper machine. This machine is designed to cut teeth into a gear blank by using a cutting tool called a shaper cutter. The shaper cutter is a disc-shaped tool with teeth on its circumference. It is mounted on a rotating spindle, and the gear blank is clamped onto a rotating table.

The working principle of gear shaping is relatively simple. The shaper cutter is fed into the gear blank, and it removes material from the blank in a precise manner. As the cutter rotates, it cuts the teeth into the gear blank, one at a time, until the entire gear is completed. The gear shaper machine is equipped with a variety of gears and feed mechanisms that allow the shaper cutter to produce different tooth profiles.

The gear manufacturing process

The gear manufacturing process involves several steps, and gear shaping is just one of them. The first step is to design the gear, which involves determining the required tooth profile, pitch, and diameter. Once the design is complete, a gear blank is produced by casting, forging, or machining. The gear blank is then subjected to heat treatment to increase its hardness and durability.

After heat treatment, the gear blank is ready for the gear shaping process. The gear shaper machine is set up, and the shaper cutter is mounted onto the spindle. The gear blank is clamped onto the rotating table, and the cutting process begins. The shaper cutter removes material from the gear blank in a precise manner, creating the teeth of the gear one by one. The cutting process is monitored carefully to ensure that the gear is produced to the required specifications.


The CNC gear shaping process offers several benefits over other gear manufacturing processes. One of the primary advantages is its efficiency. CNC Gear shaping machines can produce gears quickly and accurately, with minimal human intervention. This means that large quantities of CNC gears can be produced in a short amount of time, which is essential for industries that require a high volume of gears.

Another benefit of gear shaping is its versatility. Gear shaper machines can produce a wide variety of gear types, including spur gears, helical gears, internal and external gears. This flexibility allows gear manufacturers to produce gears for a variety of applications, from small gears used in watches to large gears used in industrial machinery. LAXMI Italy and India has all the options available. 

Additionally, gear shaping produces high-quality gears with excellent accuracy and surface finish. The cutting process removes material in a controlled manner, resulting in precise tooth profiles and minimal tooth-to-tooth variation. This leads to gears that are quieter, smoother, and more efficient than those produced by other methods.

Another advantage of gear shaping is that it can produce complex tooth profiles that are difficult or impossible to produce using other methods. For example, the shaper cutter can produce involute curves, which are commonly used in gear design due to their desirable properties such as constant meshing speed and load distribution. This allows gear manufacturers to produce gears with custom tooth profiles that are optimized for specific applications.

However, gear shaping also has some limitations. It is not suitable for producing gears with very large diameters or for cutting gears with internal teeth,  even if LAXMI Italy and India always has many solutions ready for you.

CNC Gear shapers

There are several types of used gear shaper that LAXMI METAL AND MACHINES can provide, including high-speed gear shapers, which are designed for high-volume production of small to medium-sized gears, and CNC gear shapers, which utilizes computerized numerical control technology to automate the gear-cutting process.

 LAXMI METAL AND MACHINES Italy and India select, overhauls and renews gear shapers of the best brands on the market, such as: 

  • TOS gear shaper;
  • LORENZ gear shaper; 
  • DEMM gear shaper; 
  • PAMA gear shaper; 
  • STANKOIMPORT gear shaper; 
  • REISHAUER gear shaper;
  • CIMA gear shaper
  • COMUR gear shaper
  • CSEPEL gear shaper
  • FELLOWS gear shaper;
  • SYKES gear shaper; 
  • HENSCHEL gear shaper. 

The used gear shapers that we can provide are selected and renewed with care, to ensure the maximum level of quality. This is why we can offer you gear shapers that are as good as new and that can last for many years of usage. 

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