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In many of our latest articles, we talked about CNC machines, an acronym that stands for Computer Numerical Control machines. In today’s article we want to dig deeper in this subject because, in the ever-evolving world of manufacturing, Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines tools have emerged as game-changers, revolutionizing the way products are designed and produced. 

These sophisticated devices combine cutting-edge technology with precision engineering to automate processes, enhance productivity, and create complex components with unparalleled accuracy. From automotive and aerospace industries to electronics and healthcare, CNC machines have found widespread applications across various sectors. 

LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS Italy and India can offer you many machines tools with CNC features that can help to improve your activities and business. In the following pages you can find many useful informations about why you should consider CNC machines tools for your industry.

Let’s take a look.

What are CNC Machines?

CNC machines are a class of automated manufacturing tools that utilize computerized systems to control the movement and operation of cutting tools. Unlike conventional manual machines tools, CNC machines don’t need an operator to manually control them but they follow pre-programmed instructions, known as G-codes and M-codes, which guide the tool’s actions with exceptional precision and repeatability.

The key components of a CNC machine tool include a controller, the heart of the CNC machine, which interprets the program instructions and coordinates the movements of the machine’s components.

CNC machine tools can have many different CNC brands :

FAGOR CNC, where we can find many models as: 

  • Fagor CNC 8065 elite T; 
  • Fagor CNC 8060 elite T; 
  • Fagor CNC 8058 elite T.

All these are for CNC Turning programs. For CNC milling programs, we can have:

  • Fagor CNC 8065 elite M;
  • Fagor CNC8060 elite M;
  • Fagor CNC 8058 elite M. 

Same for CNC cutting models, where other CNC models are available;

HEIDENHAIN CNC for CNC milling, CNC machining centers, CNC turning and CNC turning centers, CNC hobbing, CNC skiving and CNC grinding, the new CNC model is:

  • CNC HEIDENHAIN TNC 620 (for a better cnc milling operations);
  • HEIDENHAIN CNC TNC 320 – TNC 128 – CNC PILOT 640 – CNC MANUALplus 620;

FANUC CNC offers you CNC controls in two general versions: 

  • LCD mounted as a compact solution with less space consumption and less hardware or as a highly flexible stand-alone solution. Your benefit: full flexibility for your machine design. 
  • With some Key features: 
    • up to 48 axes, 16 spindle axes and 10 paths *;
    • 5-axis machining;
    • compound mill / turn or turn / mill machining;
    • extended integrated preventive maintenance functions;
    • integrated FANUC Dual Check Safety function;
    • shop-floor programming via iHMI or MANUAL GUIDE;
    • collision control via 3D Interference Check;
    • dynamic compensation functions for highest accuracy;
    • High-Speed Smooth Tool Center Point 5-Axis Compensation;
    • Learning Control / High-Speed-Cycle-Machining;
    • integrated high-speed PMC;
    • high speed cutting;
    • iHMI offering intuitive and extremely user friendly operations;
    • customisation functions included;
    • packages and kits combine optional functions for specific purposes.


  • Milling; 
  • Turning;
  • Grinding;
  • Punching;
  • laser gear;
  • Cutting.

Furthermore, the FANUC Series 30i / 31i / 32i-MODEL B Plus controls are for highly complex machines with multiple axes, multi-path, and high-speed high-precision machining requirements.

The CNC Series 0i-MODEL F Plus provides the ideal basic solution for multiple control applications. The are of course many more CNC models:

  • power Motion i-A;
  • 35i-B;
  • 32i-B Plus;
  • 31i-B Plus;
  • 31i-B5 Plus;
  • 30i-B Plus.

Another CNC brand for CNC machine tools is SIEMENS of course : 


Thanks to SIMATIC PLC integrated in the SINUMERIK machine tools can be easily incorporated into the factory automation system

Advantages of CNC Machines

The widespread adoption of CNC machine tools can be attributed to several distinct advantages they offer over traditional manual manufacturing processes.

We already talked about the enhanced accuracy and precision. CNC machines are indeed renowned for their exceptional precision, ensuring consistent and accurate production of complex parts.

Another major feature of this type of machinery is a higher productivity. Automation reduces the need for manual intervention, leading to increased productivity and faster turnaround times. CNC machines are also more flexible, they can produce a wide array of products by simply reprogramming the instructions, making them highly versatile.

But there is more, CNC machine tools can create intricate designs, complex geometries and shapes that are challenging or impossible to achieve manually and, despite their initial setup cost, they offer long-term cost benefits due to reduced labor requirements and minimized material wastage.

Last, but not least, CNC machine tools ensure high repeatability. Once a design program is perfected, they can reproduce identical products with consistent quality.

Impact on Modern Manufacturing

The advent of CNC machine tools has transformed the landscape of modern manufacturing in various significant ways, starting from design innovation. CNC machines tools have spurred creativity and innovation, empowering designers to conceptualize and fabricate intricate and unique products.

CNC machine tools have also enabled cost-effective mass production, ensuring a steady supply of goods to meet consumer demands, and improved Material Utilization. With CNC machine tools, manufacturers can optimize material usage, leading to reduced waste and enhanced sustainability.

Furthermore, automation eliminates the risk of human errors in manufacturing, reducing product defects and improving overall quality, and facilitates rapid prototyping, allowing for quicker testing and refinement of new product ideas.


CNC technology can be applied to a wide range of machine tools, almost any machine tool that involves movement and material removal or shaping. Some of the most common types of machines that can be CNC include:

  • CNC machining centers: they use rotary cutting tools to remove material from a workpiece to create complex shapes and parts. They are widely used in manufacturing industries for tasks such as milling, drilling, and tapping. For example we can have MAZAK cnc machining center, DOOSAN cnc machining center, OKK cnc machining center, QUASER CNC machining center, HYUNDAI CNC machining center, KAFO cnc machining center, HIDELIUS CNC Machining center, DMG MORI CNC machining centers and MCM cnc machining centers.
  • CNC lathes: they are used for turning operations, where a workpiece is rotated, and cutting tools are applied to shape the material symmetrically. They are commonly used in producing cylindrical components like shafts and bushings. For example we can have some MAZAK cnc lathe, DOOSAN cnc lathe, OKK cnc lathe, GOODWAY cnc lathe, HYUNDAI cnc lathe, BIGLIA cnc lathe, TAKISAWA cnc lathe, GILDEMEISTER cnc lathe and DMG MORI cnc lathe.
  • CNC grinders: CNC grinders are employed for precise grinding operations to achieve tight tolerances on surfaces and diameters. They are crucial in industries like aerospace and automotive. For example we can have some STUDER CNC grinding machines, KELLENBERGER CNC grinding machines, FRTIZ WERNER CNC grinding machines, ROBBI CNC grinding machines, FAVRETTO CNC grinding machines, TACCHELLA CNC grinding machines, REISHAUER CNC grinding machines, LINDNER CNC grinding machines, ROTOFLO’ CNC grinding machines, ROSA EMRANDO CNC grinding machines, HAUSER CNC grinding machines, NILES CNC grinding machines, SCHAUDT CNC grinding machines, GRISETTI CNC grinding machines, MIKRON CNC grinding machines, CSEPEL CNC grinding machines, DELTA CNC grinding machines, ZOCCA CNC grinding machines, OSTERWALDER CNC grinding machines, VOUMARD CNC grinding machines, SCHUTTE CNC grinding machines and MAAG CNC grinding machines.
  • CNC rack cutting milling machines: these machines are specifically designed for cutting gears and racks with high precision. They are commonly used in gear manufacturing and other industries requiring gear components;
  • CNC boring machines: CNC boring machines are used for enlarging or refining existing holes with utmost accuracy. They find applications in industries like aerospace, automotive, and construction. For example some high quality cnc boring machines are SAN ROCCO CNC boring machine tools, PAMA SPEEDRAM CNC boring machine tools, DORRIES-SCHARMAN CNC boring machine tools, SORALUCE CNC boring machine tools, TOS CNC boring machine tools, CASTEL CNC boring machine tools, FPT CNC boring machine tools, DOOSAN CNC boring machine tools, BRAGONZI CNC boring machine tools, MICROCUT CNC boring machine tools, CERUTI CNC boring machine tools and LAZZATI CNC boring machine tools.
  • CNC gear hobbing machines: gear hobbing machines use a cutting tool called a hob to produce gears with accurate teeth profiles. CNC technology enhances the precision and efficiency of gear hobbing processes. The most important CNC Gear hobbing machines are : LIEBHERR LC CNC Gear hobbing machines, PFAUTER CNC Gear hobbing machines, FELLOWS CNC Gear hobbing machines, CIMA CNC Gear hobbing, machines, STAEHELY CNC Gear hobbing machines, WMW MODUL CNC Gear hobbing machines, YUNUS – HERA CNC Gear hobbing machines, KASHIFUJI CNC Gear hobbing machines, MITSUBISHI CNC Gear hobbing machines, AFFOLTER CNC Gear hobbing machines, COMUR CNC Gear hobbing machines, LORENZ CNC Gear machines, HELIOS CNC Gear hobbing machines, CASSIOPEIA CNC Gear hobbing machines, SAMPUTENSILI CNC Gear hobbing machines, C.L.C. CNC Gear hobbing machines, BETEK CNC Gear hobbing machines and EMAG KOEPFER CNC Gear hobbing machines.
  • CNC bending machines: these machines are utilized in metalworking industries to bend sheet metal and tubes to precise angles and shapes. They are commonly used in the fabrication of metal components and structures. The most reliable machine tools in this case are LVD CNC bending machines, CRIPPA CNC bending machines, OMAG CNC bending machines, AMADA CNC bending machines, ERMAKSAN CNC bending machines, PRIMA PRESS CNC bending machines, BYSTRONIC CNC bending machines, GODSON CNC bending machines, RAJ POWER CNC bending machines, BENDTEC CNC bending machines, WEINBRENNER CNC bending machines, WELDOR CNC bending machines, EROMAC CNC bending machines, GADE CNC bending machines, OMAS CNC bending machines and GASPARINI CNC bending machines.

You can find these machines and many others in the Products section of our website. LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS Italy and India select, overhaul and renew CNC machine tools with precision and passion, to ensure that they can be used for many years, as they were brand new. 

We will be glad to help you select the best machine for your needs and to solve all your doubts. Contact us by calling mr. SATISH KUMAR JOON at +91 9896105058 (India) or mr. Abhinav Joon at +39 3487338048 (Italy), filling the form in our contact page, or through our online chat that you can find at the bottom of every page. LAXMI is a machine tools seller in Ferrara, ITALY and Haryana, INDIA.