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At LAXMI METAL AND MACHINES Italy and India we care about our customers and we always want to offer you the best possible machines and service. That’s why we help you find the best machine tools for your needs and, in this article, we will clarify the differences between gear shapers and  gear hobbing machines and which one you should choose for your business.

In the realm of manufacturing precision gears, two prominent contenders vie for supremacy: Gear Shaper Machines and Gear Hobbing Machines. These mechanical marvels play a pivotal role in producing intricate gears used in various industries, including automotive, aerospace, and robotics. 

Each possesses its unique attributes and strengths, making them well-suited for specific applications. In this article, we will delve into the world of gear shaping and hobbing, explore their differences, and determine which one emerges as the more efficient choice. LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS is ready to offer in the Indian market, the best used machine tools for manufacturing.

Understanding Gear Shaper Machines

Gear shaper machines are precision tools designed to create external gears, splines, and sprockets. These machines work through the process of gear shaping, which involves a cutting action by a reciprocating cutter called the shaper cutter. The gear blank is clamped on a rotating arbor, and the shaper cutter traverses across its face, precisely cutting each tooth profile with exceptional accuracy.

The gear shaping process offers several advantages, as you can see on our LIEBHERR cnc gear shaper, REISHAUER cnc gear shaper, PFAUTER cnc gear shaper, COMUR cnc gear shaper or NILES cnc gear shaper. It can produce gears with varying tooth profiles, including helical and spur gears, making it highly versatile. Moreover, gear shapers can manufacture internal gears with the aid of a specialized tool known as a pinion cutter, enhancing their application range. LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS is ready to offer in India the best used machine tools for manufacturing.

Understanding Gear Hobbing Machines

Gear hobbing machines, on the other hand, are primarily utilized for producing cylindrical gears. The process, known as gear hobbing, involves a special tool called a hob. The hob features a series of cutting teeth that progressively remove material from the gear blank as both the gear blank and the hob rotate together. This continuous cutting action ensures precise and efficient gear production, as you can see by the machine tools we are offering you : REISHAUER cnc gear hobbing, LIEBHERR cnc gear hobbing, PFAUTER cnc gear hobbing, COMUR CNC gear hobbing or NILES cnc gear hobbing.

Gear hobbing machines are renowned for their rapid production capabilities, making them ideal for large-scale manufacturing. They excel at creating spur gears, helical gears, and worm gears, making them a versatile choice in various industries.

Differences between Gear Shaper and Gear Hobbing Machines

Gear Types: one of the fundamental distinctions between gear shapers and gear hobbing machines lies in the types of gears they produce. Gear shapers are suitable for external gears, splines, and sprockets, whereas gear hobbing machines are mainly employed for cylindrical gears.

Cutting Method: CNC gear shapers use a reciprocating motion to cut each tooth profile individually, resulting in a slow but precise process. In contrast, CNC gear hobbing machines perform continuous cutting action, leading to faster production rates.

Tooling Complexity: CNC gear hobbing typically requires fewer tools, as a single hob can create various gear tooth profiles. CNC gear shaping, however, may necessitate specific shaper cutters for different gear designs, leading to increased tooling complexity.

Setup Time: CNC gear hobbing machines generally have quicker setup times, which is advantageous for large production runs. CNC gear shaping, due to its nature of individual tooth cutting, can be more time-consuming during setup.

Versatility: CNC gear shapers offer more versatility in terms of gear profile variations, including internal gears. CNC gear hobbing machines, while highly efficient for cylindrical gears, may be less versatile in terms of gear types. LAXMI MACHINE TOOLS is already ready offer you the best second hand machine tools in perfect manufacturing conditions, mainly in India.

Efficiency Battle: Gear Shaper Machines vs. Gear Hobbing Machines

Determining the more efficient machine depends on the specific manufacturing requirements. For high-volume production of cylindrical gears with consistent tooth profiles, CNC gear hobbing machines take the lead. Their continuous cutting action and rapid production rates significantly reduce cycle times and manufacturing costs.

Conversely, if the need is for specialized gears, such as external gears, splines, or internal gears, CNC gear shapers prove to be the more efficient choice. Despite the longer setup times, gear shapers provide superior precision and flexibility to cater to a diverse range of gear types.


In conclusion, both CNC gear shaper machines and CNC gear hobbing machines are invaluable assets in the manufacturing world, each excelling in its unique area of expertise. The decision between them rests on the specific requirements of the gear being produced, the desired production volume, and the necessary level of precision. Whether it’s the versatile gear shaper or the rapid gear hobber, these machines continue to drive innovation and advancement in gear manufacturing, ensuring the seamless functioning of countless mechanical systems across industries.


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