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A gear grinder, or gear grinding machine, is a type of machine tool used to produce precision gears. It is a highly specialized machine that can produce gears with extremely tight tolerances and excellent surface finishes.

Gear grinding is one of the ways in which a gear is finalized and it’s an essential process in the manufacture of gears, which are widely used in many industries, including aerospace parts manufacturing, automotive, and defense, same as agricultural. Generally wherever it’s needed a job of Profile grinding, External gear grinding, Internal gear grinding, Spline shaft grinding, worm thread grinding or even gear surface grinding.

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How does gear grinding work?

Gear grinding involves the use of an abrasive wheel to remove material from the gear teeth. The abrasive wheel is made of a material such as aluminum oxide or diamond and is shaped to match the profile of the gear teeth. The gear is mounted on a spindle, and the abrasive wheel is rotated at high speed while the gear is held stationary. The wheel is then brought into contact with the gear teeth, and the grinding process begins.

One of the key advantages of gear grinders is its ability to produce gears with very precise dimensions and surface finishes. This is because the gear grinder is able to remove very small amounts of material from the gear teeth with each pass, allowing for extremely tight tolerances to be achieved. In addition, the grinding process produces a very smooth surface finish, which is essential for the proper functioning of the gear.

Main types of gear grinding

There are two main techniques in gear grinding: form/profile grinding and generating grinding.

Form/profile grinding involves using a grinding wheel with a profile that matches the shape of the gear tooth to be produced. The grinding wheel is dressed to the desired shape and then used to grind the gear teeth to the required dimensions. This process is typically used for high-precision gear applications, such as in aerospace, defense, and automotive industries.

Generating grinding involves using a grinding wheel with a threaded or worm-like profile that matches the shape of the gear to be produced. The grinding wheel is positioned at a precise angle to the gear axis and rotated to create the desired shape of the gear tooth. The gear is then rotated in the opposite direction to the grinding wheel, allowing the teeth to be ground to the desired dimensions. This process is typically used for high-volume gear production, such as in the automotive industry.

Both form/profile grinding and generating grinding can produce high-quality gears with excellent accuracy and surface finish. The choice of technique depends on the specific application, volume of production, and required tolerances.

Cnc Gear Grinder

A gear grinder is a machine tool that can be equipped with CNC technology. A CNC gear grinder is a specialized machine that operates using computer numerical control (CNC) technology, which allows it to be fully automatic, it’s mostly used in transmissions manufacturing, gearbox manufacturing, motors manufacturing and more.. As CNC bands, here we usually can have CNC FANUC or CNC SIEMENS, but of course even other CNC brands can be available.

They are capable of producing gears with a range of sizes and shapes, including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears (spiral bevel gears, straight bevel gears, hypoid bevel gear and even Zerol bevel gears), and worm gears with an incredible level of precision, even with the most complex mechanical parts.

To operate a gear grinder

Gear grinding is a complex and highly specialized process that requires a skilled operator and a sophisticated machine. The gear grinder must be capable of producing gears with extremely tight tolerances, and it must be able to operate at high speeds without compromising the accuracy of the grinding process. In addition, the gear grinder must be able to accommodate a wide range of gear sizes, shapes and modules.

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